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New AWP, I also have a NEW DEAGLE... bruh!
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Outro song: Trip5k - raygun

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You got an Awp?

The cursed Awp
Takes the lives of many every year

The CS 1.6 AWP?! AI AE Mk I to 1,100yds/ .308Win: Practical Accuracy (US Optics B10 1.8-10)

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The Accuracy International AE Mk I is a Law Enforcement version of the famed Arctic Warfare with changes to the chassis, threaded barrel, and removed "winterized" features... It is, however a "dead accurate" rifle built with the ruggedness to withstand the the harshest conditions with the same action as the AW.

Perhaps it's outward appearance of the classic AI green chassis/stock that resembles the original L96A1 or the later L115A3 that really stays in your memory; or perhaps it's from playing CounterStrike 1.6 and using the AWP to 360 no-scope; or even perhaps it's because you like to smoke noobs in PUBG with the AWM.

Regardless, the AI classic precision rifles are on a class of its own with premium, barrels, a bomb proof, slick action and chassis design. If weight and money were of no concern, the AI is typically a top contender for government contracts for a good reason.

***Huge Thanks to Kevin S. for helping us with the Chinese subtitles!***

Observer setup seen here powered by:
- Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope 27-60x85 Angled
- Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod
- Phone Skope Lollipop Universal Digiscoping kit

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Distance Conversion:
200y - 182m
300y - 274m
400y - 366m
500y - 457m
600y - 549m
700y - 640m
800y - 732m
900y - 823m
1,000y - 914m
1,100y - 1006m

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Music by Tyops (THANKS!!!)

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