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illustrator CS5 _ 기초

일러스트레이터 기초
JH AN : 잘 보았습니다~ 감사합니다~
일러는 기초만 하시나요~?
조준희 : 감사합니다. 많은 도움 되었습니다.
조준희 : 근데, 기초 말고 중급 같은건 없나요?
조준희 : +ji hwan Lee 네 감사합니다^^
ji hwan Lee : +조준희 아.. 네.. 제가 3D 모델링 중심의 페이지다 보니 일러스트 기초 내용 밖에 만들지 않았습니다. ㅎㅎ;; 또한 일러스트 자료는 유투브에 많아서요. ㅎㅎ

2.2 Applying Gradient Effects: Adobe Illustrator CS5

Objects with solid colors can seem flat and boring. Applying a gradient is a great way to give objets a three-dimensional feel. In this module, practice creating a flower graphic and adding gradient effects to each petal.

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 4 | Gradients

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Gradients in adobe illustrator
royalconcrete1 : thanks , really needed this
JREAM : @Relief4You Well I dont use any 3D programs but I can try to do something 3D in Photoshop. There is the 3D thunderbolt here in the video ---> Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 24 | Lightning
JREAM : @unholyGothyx haha funny way to put it lolol
JREAM : @pigmaleon7 thanks:)
Chris Harpham : I just started using illustrator and photoshop yesterday and these tutorials are getting me through the first stages pretty nicely! Thanks man =]




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