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Kovacs - My Love

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Audio : Kovacs
Visual : D\u0026G The One Commercial
Kovacs - Shades Of Black

Kovacs - My Love
Babe don't try to call
My heart is ticking and the show, just won't wait

It's strange, you couldn't see it my way, hey now go
I pray for you to fall
The spark, has died and now you're just too late

A shame, you're knocking at the wrong gate , hey go home
Come what may, I won't give away

My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets
My love, aces high and cigarettes
My love, faking all like Hollywood
My love, love, love

No way you'll see me crawl
Like a shark I'll be ripping you apart, and celebrate
With lots of champagne, you caught me on the wrong day, now you know

Come what may, I won't give away

My love, see me dancing in the rain
My love, no more whiskey and cocaine
My love, ending all forbidden fruit
My love, love, love

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
No you can't amuse me, so leave you must
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If the spell won't kill you, your ego does

My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets
My love, no more tears and no regrets
My love, time to lay the man to rest
My love, love, love

 © This video is for entertainment. All visual and audio elements belong to their respective owners. For copyright issues, please contact me at ✪ radioutopiacreations@gmail.com

Kovacs - 50 Shades Of Black

Kovacs (voc) & Metropole Orkest dir Jules Buckley - Fool Like You (2016)

Fool Like You - Metropole Orkest conducted by Jules Buckley (2016), recorded live for a large audience at the MCO Studio, the homebase of the MO.
Soloist: Kovacs-voc

During the performance the audience was seated among the various orchestra sections, giving it a special experience in listening to this up and coming Dutch singer.
Kovacs (Sharon Kovacs, b.1990) released her first single "My Love" in 2014 whicj was streamed more than 19 million times on the internet. As a teenager she sang in schoolbands and participated in talent contests and open mic nights. She studied at the Rock City Institute in Eindhoven and says she was influenced by singers like Etta James, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey and Amy Winehouse. A movie about her called "Wolflady" (her nickname as she used to wear a fur hat while performing) premiered in those days.
Kovacs performed at big festival stages like the North Sea Jazz Festival, Pinkpop, Rock Werchter, National Liberation Day's Freedom Festival and Lowlands and was named "Best Soul \u0026 Jazz Talent" by NPO Radio 6. In 2015 she won an Edison for "Best Newcomer".
In october and december 2016 she performed with the Metropole Orkest conducted by Jules Buckley in the Royal Carré Theatre in Amsterdam and in Tilburg.

Metropole Orkest: 75 Years in Perspective - Its Past, its Present, its Future - 8th Decade (2016 - 2020)

Credits \u0026 Acknowledgements
Music selection: Fred Dekker, Robert Soomer
Design, Production \u0026 Final Editing: Jolien Plat, Alma Albronda
Audio supervision: Dirk Overeem; Video registration \u0026 supervision: Max Boeree (Big Ears Productions)
Text and Narrative: Fred Dekker
Concept: Fred Dekker

Every measure has been taken to avoid infringement of rights of makers and performers of the music, videos, pictures and photographs used in this Perspective. Nevertheless, if you think that - in spite of these measures - you can rightfully claim one or more of such rights, please send an e-mail to info@mo.nl

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