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Experiment 1 : Medilox vs other brand sanitizer

Compare Medilox with another brand sanitizer, the reading indicates the "living organism" (bacteria) left at the sanitized zone.

Medilox System

Medilox System is the most advanced medical equipment to generate the high level disinfectant which has got an international certification from CE ( Class IIb ), US FDA etc. by developing Hypochlorous acid; HOCl generated in the immune system of the human body with the patent creation method of the new technology of our company for the pathogen infection control and the treatment environment improvement. Medilox is the medical system of a new technology which is safe with no toxicity and a high level disinfectant sterilizing more than 99.9% of all the germs such as TB germs, MRSA, general germs, virus etc. in 30 seconds.

생활밀착형 살균소독제 메디록스

메디록스는 용도에따라 S(일반, 병원), B(유아용), P(반려동물용)로 나누어집니다. 용도에 따른 메디록스의 활용방법을 알아볼까요?
슬라임 : 음악이 너무 거슬르게 시끄럽네요




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